tisdag 16 september 2014

jag lyssnar på gamla spellistor skapta på tonårstårar och känner precis samma sak nu som då. i söndags var det besvikelse och ett skitval och idag kysste jag hejdå ännu en person som gör att det bubblar i kroppen. eftersom jag inte orkar tänka på något av det kan vi istället titta på sånt som får mitt hjärta att smälta istället för kollapsa. 


// R O B B E R S //
'Robbers' is a love song, it was originally inspired by my love of the Quentin Tarantino film 'True Romance', the story of an Elvis obsessed loner who falls in love and marries a prostitute. In the movie the couple run away to California after killing her pimp and stealing his drugs to start a new life financed by a once in a lifetime drug deal. It's the sentiment behind the film that appeals to me, the hopelessly romantic notion that two people can meet and instantly fall in love, an escape story where love is the highest law and conquers all against the odds. Characters like Bonnie and Clyde always appealed to me as a teenager - couples so intoxicated with one another that they fear nothing in the pursuit of the realization of each other, actions fueled by blind unconditional love. 
'Robbers' is an ode to those relationships. The type of relationship all humans long for. All or nothing. 
This video is about when love makes two people feel they are the centre of the universe. 
- Matthew Healy 
i never really liked 
my name 
until i found out 
what it tastes like 
when you write it in frosting 
on top of a cake 

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